What you need when you apply.
□ Valid email address.
□ Copy of your photo ID.
□ Proof of income (2 recent pay stubs or if self-employed a T1 slip).

Each individual that is 18 years or older must submit an application.


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Why do we need so much information?
Cornerstone Select Properties takes important steps in its application process to ensure that all
residents living within its properties are respectful, courteous and responsible towards the property
and their neighbours. Within your application, you will be asked to provide some personal
information as a part of the qualification process. We will keep this information confidential as
required by law and as outlined in the application.

A few things to keep in mind:
Once your application has been approved, we will schedule the lease signing at which time you are
required to provide last month’s rent deposit. First month’s rent and a copy of your insurance are
required prior to taking occupancy. All payments are payable to Cornerstone Select Properties by
certified cheque or money order.